Pound Sterling


  • Convertible: Yes
  • Transferable: Yes
  • Exchange rate regime: Floating



Available Currency Pairs

Transaction Types

Delivery date: T; T+1; T+2
Liquidity: High
Maximum maturity: 24 months
Liquidity: High

Did You Know?


Monetary policy

  • The Bank of England (BoE) is the central bank of the United Kingdom: its objective is to serve the general interest by maintaining the monetary and financial stability of the country.
  • Price setting method: the exchange rate is floating. It is therefore the law of supply and demand that determines the value of the British pound against other currencies.

Features and highlights

  • In June 2016, the "yes" vote in the Brexit referendum led to a sharp decline in the pound Sterling: it then corrected 8.8% against the USD and 6.7% against the EUR in the days following the announcement of the result.
  • In October 2016, the currency of the UK was the victim of a "flash crash", which made it unravel by nearly 9% in a few seconds, before regaining almost all the lost ground. This event took place in Asian trading when liquidity is not optimal on the pound Sterling.

At the time of writing, GBP is not very far from its lowest level ever against EUR.


Expert opinion

  • In recent years, the value of GBP versus other major currencies was mainly driven by the evolution of the possible terms of Brexit. Still, now, the currency is “event-driven" by this theme.


There are no special restrictions on the purchase and sale of GBP.

Important Information


Payment instructions must contain:

  • Either: the bank sort code, the name and address of the bank, and the full name, address and account number of the beneficiary.
  • Or: the IBAN, the name and address of the beneficiary.

Keep In Mind

Public Holidays

New Year's Day 1 Jan
Easter Monday 2 Apr
Spring bank holiday 28 Mei
Christmas day 25 Dec
Good Friday 30 Mrt
Early May bank holiday 7 Mei
Summer bank holiday 27 Aug
Boxing day 26 Dec

When a holiday falls on a weekend, the next business day becomes a holiday

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