Russian Ruble - Momenteel niet beschikbaar


  • Convertible: Yes
  • Transferable: Yes
  • Exchange rate regime: Floating

Available Currency Pairs

Transaction Types

Delivery date: T+1; T+2
Liquidity: high
Maximum maturity: 12 months
Liquidity: high

Did You Know?


Monetary policy

  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR) implements monetary policy under the inflation targeting regime, its main aim being to ensure and protect the ruble exchange rate sustainability by maintaining price stability.
  • Price setting method: At present, Russia employs a floating exchange rate mechanism, which means that the exchange rate is set by the market. However, it is assumed the CBR continues to monitor closely the exchange rate of RUB versus the most important global currencies and may intervene if deemed necessary.

Features and highlights

  • Since the fall of 2014, EURRUB has started an extremely volatile route, leading to a sharp depreciation of the RUB, bringing to a level 40% below where it was in September 2014.
  • The RUB exchange rate is very often driven by geopolitical events, whereby tensions between Russia and the West often lead to sharp declines in value of RUB. Next to geopolitics, RUB value is also driven by developments in the energy markets.
  • As many market makers hedge positions on Micex (Moscow Exchange), market liquidity is very dependent on their opening hours.

Expert opinion

  • For short-term fluctuations, keep a close eye on political tensions involving Russia, as they usually signal RUB weakness.


For short-term fluctuations, keep a close eye on political tensions involving Russia, as they usually signal RUB weakness.

Important Information


To process payments in RUB via the SWIFT network, we might need the information below:

BIC Code with correspondent account number or domestic BIK. BIK - Domestic Bank Identification Code of the beneficiary bank.

NN - Registration Number in Tax authorities, not mandatory for individuals.

KIO - Registering number that can be used instead of INN for foreign entity holding an account in Russia

VO code - Currency operation code Purpose of payment.

VAT - Value-Added Tax. It should be mentioned if the payment includes or excludes VAT.

Keep In Mind


New Year’s Day 1 Jan
Defence of the Fatherland 23 Feb
Spring & Labour Day 1 Mei
Russia Day 12 Jun
Orthodox Christmas Day 7 Jan
Women’s Day 8 Mrt
Victory Day 9 Mei
Unity Day 4 Nov

When a holiday falls on a weekend, the next business day becomes a holiday

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