Account Information & Payment Initiation APIs

Account Information API

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) enables customers to make use of payment services of a bank through third parties.

APIs are already widely used across the internet to share information and to provide secure third party access to users’ accounts. There is a well-established best practice for how to securely confirm users’ identities in a seamless user experience.

This is commonly known as the “redirect” method defined in standards such as OAuth2.0. Since iBanFirst wants to secure customer’s data, to ensure a smooth customer experience and to adhere to market standards, our PSD2 services will be based on a redirect model, which lead to a seamless integration for all of iBanFirst accessible authentication means. Our PSD2 APIs are free to use for all registered AISPs.

User test:

-login: m01148y  

-mdp: AccountPSD2  

authentication: 000000

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